ANDROLOGY - What is it and what it takes

The Woman has her referring physician that has always been identified in the Gynaecologist. The Man for so long did not have a doctor to turn to his sexual and reproductive health. This gap, since many decades, it is filled by the figure of Andrologist. And the Andrology, typically multidisciplinary science, in which are mixed knowledge in the field of urology, endocrinology, dermatology, psychosexuality , is a sector of medicine in which the Man can find answers not only to specific issues such as sexual dysfunction and infertility, but also and above all, he can be helped to do prevention, improving his lifestyle and behavioral correcting errors that daily tends to make, which can undermine their sexual health.

So the Andrologist comes to be identified as the Gynaecologist of the Man, and to him we must address not only when we have a problem, but also to get informations about the functionality of our urogenital tract, or to check that it is in place from an anatomical point of view.

This is important for the Man at any age, but especially during adolescence, when often start the problems, from a sexual or reproductive point of view, that can indelibly mark the future health of the individual.

"To dutiful information, please note that the medical examination is the only diagnostic tool to correct and effective medical treatment. The advices provided in this site should simply be understood as behavioral suggestions, but do not replace in any way the medical examination”