What does Prof. Alessandro Natali?

These are the uro-andrological clinical fields in which Prof. A. Natali practices his profession both from the medical and surgical point of view


Male health and andrological examination

Also the male should have, as the woman has the gynecologist, his medical specialist reference, represented by the andrologist. Although in recent years the health culture in this field has improved, again, especially in Italy, we are often conditioned by prejudices and fears that induce the male does not consult this specialist, who should be his reference doctor for all life, from puberty to late senility.

This happens because it is thought that the andrological examination is a "traumatic" medical act ... It is nothing more than visiting a man, focusing on the genital organs and eventually performing the digitorectal exploration of the prostate to know its health status

Until a few years ago, when military service was still compulsory in Italy, even with the limits imposed by the superficiality of the matter, a boy who was aged 17-18 was "visited" by a military doctor, even on the genital level, and many andrological pathologies affecting adolescence (varicocele, phimosis, undescended testicle) could be diagnosed. Today, as there is no longer any military service and there are no "compulsory" medical examinations for adolescents, all these pathological situations risk not being diagnosed, with negative fallout on the young person's sexual and reproductive life.


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