What does Prof. Alessandro Natali?

These are the uro-andrological clinical fields in which Prof. A. Natali practices his profession both from the medical and surgical point of view


Blood in urine and sperm

What does presence of blood in urine and sperm mean?

The finding of blood in the urine (haematuria) or in the sperm (emospermia) is a symptom that can arouse anxiety and concern. Diagnostic tools exist to establish the causes of this disorder and immediately prepare the most suitable therapies.

What is hematuria?

Hematuria is a condition in which blood is present in the urine. There are two types of haematuria: with visible blood in urine (macroscopic haematuria) and its presence evidenced by the analysis of urine (microscopic haematuria).

What does cause haematuria?

There may be various causes of haematuria:

  • Traumas in the kidney, ureter or bladder
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Urinary calculations
  • Congenital malformations of the urinary tract
  • Urinary tract tumors
  • Cystic diseases of the kidney
  • Complicated PBH
  • Chronic use of anticoagulant drugs


What is hemospermia?

Hemospermia is the presence of blood in the seminal fluid visually highlighted at the time of ejaculation.

What does cause hemopsermia?

Prostate and seminal vesicles inflammation / infections. Prostate cancer

What is the diagnostic procedure for haematuria?

It begins with a thorough medical patient's history (lifestyle habits, use of drugs, etc.), then moving on to a thorough medical examination with digitorectal exploration of the prostate.

First level exams are then performed, represented by a special exam on the urine, called urinary cytology, to highlight the presence of any tumor cells, after an urinecolture to find out any infections, as well as an ultrasound of the whole apparatus urinary.

If there is no clear cause of the disturbance, it is possible to pass to second and third level exams, represented by an URO-TC with contrast medium and possibly a cystoscopy which is an exam performed in an outpatient procedure with local anesthesia. With cystoscopy an optical instrument is introduced through the urethra to visualize the interior of the urinary tract through a monitor.

What is the diagnostic procedure for hemospermia?

It begins with a thorough medical patient's history (lifestyle habits including the type of sexual activity, use of drugs etc.), then moving on to a thorough medical examination with digitorectal prostate exploration. Successively, the necessary assessments are required to understand the cause of the disorder, urine and sperm colture, PSA blood sampling and ultrasound of the urinary apparatus and transrectal prostatic ultrasound.

What can be haematuria or hemospermia therapies?

The therapies will be medical or surgical depending on the results of the assessments

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