Fable 2.0 in the time of the Coronavirus 19

Prologue to Fairy tale 2.0 at the time of Coronavirus

In these days of forced quarantine I have reflected a lot on the fact that children, especially those in the preschool age group (2-6 years), suddenly find themselves projected in an incomprehensible reality. The other boys, the children who go to elementary school, perhaps more or less, have understood that there is a serious illness around, caused by an invisible virus and that, if we want to defeat it, we must all stay at home. But children like my nephew Niccolò (2 and a half years), do not understand why they can no longer play with Giulio or Andrea, the everyday friends at the nursery, and they do not understand why they can only see them in a video call by Viber or Skype, when their mom calls their moms to ask if everything is all right... Why does my nephew ask "it must not be all right"? What’s going on? Why am I locked in the house and when do I look out the window I see very few people on the street, everybody with a mask on their mouth and with gloves? Why are they crossing on the street so far and don't they say goodbye? And finally, why does Mum make me wash my hands so often and for a long time and then why does she rub my hands with a substance that smells good, but sticks so much?

Maybe my nephew will consider, I hope for him, all this a new and fantastic game, but I also think, with my adult mentality, which is certainly not his own, to the whirlwind of questions that probably have been overlapping in his little head for days. The famous "WHY?" absurd that those who have a son or grandson know very well... So I came up with the idea of writing a tale that could allow you parents, if you want, to explain to your children what's going on, using a language and context that is understandable to them.

This tale has no claim... Do you remember, I speak to the men and women of my generation, when our mothers and grandmothers used to tell us, to make us fall asleep, what at the time were called "fairy tales"? Today we lost some taste for this fantastic world... In my time the characters were Pinocchio, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, the Prince and the Sleeping Beauty in the woods... Today we are in the era of "superheroes", so for this reason I have called my story "Fable 2.0 at the time of the coronavirus", and I chose as the main interpreter a superhero that our children and grandchildren know very well: Spiderman.

I thought that both the audio and the paper form of the story could come in handy. So you will find both a page to read and an audio to listen to. I hope this will be a small contribution to living these days of forced family coexistence with your children in a better way for you, but above all for them!

Happy reading and happy listening!!!

Fable 2.0 at the time of the Coronavirus

It was the end of December 2019 when Green Goblin, the rich and insane scientist, founder of Osborn Chemical, and Dr. Octopus, another crazy nuclear scientist, in their ultra-secret laboratory full of steaming test tubes, containing colored liquids, were trying to realize the crazy dream of their life: to create in laboratory a virus that would definitively knock out their bitter enemy: Spiderman.

It is for this reason that in the thousands of test tubes of their modern laboratory the liquids essentially had three colors: red, blue and black!

These were the colors they absolutely hated more than anything else, in fact they were the colors of Spiderman's costume!

Green Goblin and Octopus had been closed for months in their underground laboratory-bunker, built 10 meters underground in the desert and their diabolical project was now close to the final result, in fact after numerous failures the synthesis of the lethal virus for Spiderman was coming to realization!

Both slept in the last few weeks a few hours a night, they alternated around test tubes, computers and abstruse chemical formulas feverishly, with one goal: to create the weapon that would destroy Spiderman once and for all!

Finally one day Octopus, in the silence of his dark laboratory, exclaimed with a diabolical grin: we did it!

Green Goblin, who was dozing in a cot near him, woke up with a start and saw Octopus who, with staring eyes, observed a test tube where the three liquids, the red, the blue and the black, were perfectly overlapped and separated from each other: the experiment was successful and the virus was ready!

And like mad they decided to call the product COVIASM 19 which means COronaVIrusAgainstSpiderMan synthesized in 2019.

Now they only had to take action and find ways to infect Spiderman by spraying the virus on his face because it only spread by air.

Two other sworn enemies of Spiderman were called urgently: the ruthless Venom and Carnage, father and son.

Green Goblin, after showing them they would finally eliminate Spiderman from the face of the earth, put the test tube with the virus in a black metal box and together with Venom and Carnage he went in search of the hated Spiderman to infect him.

But Iceman and Captain America, the two superhero friends of Spiderman, who had found out about the crazy project of Green Goblin and Octopus, had already warned Spiderman and together they decided to intervene to stop them.

A fight to the death was started between the skyscrapers of New York City!

On one hand Spiderman, the Ice Man and Captain America, on the other Venom, Carnage and Green Goblin!

Will the superpowers of our good superheroes prevail over those of the bad superheroes?

After hours of fighting in which no one can prevail over the other, Spiderman finally manages to imprison Carnage, which has the box with the virus’ test tube, in his spider web.

Carnage, now lost, opens the black box and tries to throw the test tube on Spiderman’s face.

Luckily he does not hit him but, the test tube falling to the ground, broke into a thousand pieces and the virus is released in the air of New York City.

Spiderman, learned from Green Goblin, rendered harmless by Captain America, what contained the test tube, and having immediately understood the seriousness of the situation, immediately by his girlfriend Gwen, daughter of Captain Stacy of the local Police, alerts to the risk the New York City Authorities, they promtly isolate and seal the city and force the entire population into quarantine.

Everyone will must to stay home, use gloves and masks, stay at least one meter away from each other...

All this because the powerful and fearful virus released by the cruel Carnage does not spread and infect the whole world!


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