I have heard of microinjection in the penis to improve erection: what is it?

Thursday 18 January 2018   Autore: Prof. A. Natali

Topic: Medical therapies in andrology

It is a type of therapy to treat Erectile Dysfunction

The therapy of erectile dysfunction provides three steps  depending on the extent of the problem and any co-factors.

The first two steps represent the medical therapy of erectile dysfunction.

The first step is oral drugs, the second step is the local therapy with microinjection within the penis of substances that improve the microcirculation of the organ, the third step is the surgical implant of a penile prosthesis. Penile microinjection is used or when oral erection drugs do not work or can not be taken because they are contraindicated.

The commonly used drug is Alprostadil (Caverject®). Also this drug, like oral erectile drugs, can be used at the time of sexual intercourse (on demand administration) or in the context of a rehabilitation program of the penis circulation (chronic administration).

The Alprostadil can be used alone or with the aid of Vacuum Devices (devices that create the vacuum around the penis recalling blood in it), to reactivate the erective function that has in some way been damaged.

These penile microinjections are initially performed by the specialist to find the appropriate dosage for each patient (ambulatory training), then if desired, the patients can self-manage the therapy, learning the simple manual method. This not only to get a momentary erection, but to continue the rehabilitation of penile circulation.

Any prolonged, painful erections or penile bowing during the use of these intracavernous punctures should be reported to the specialist.



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