I have to make a dynamic penile ecocolor doppler: what is it?

Thursday 31 May 2018   Autore: Prof. A. Natali

Topic: Sexuality disorders

It is an ultrasound examination in which a very small injection is performed inside the penis to visualize its structure and circulation

In the area of erectile dysfunction, from the diagnostic-therapeutic point of view the keystone ,represented a substantial change in the approach to this type of problem, was the discovery that some drugs, once injected into the penis, could procure an erection. The first drug introduced was papaverine hydrochloride, which is no longer used today. The most widely used drug today is Alprostadil (CAVERJECT®). This drug, if injected into the penis with a very small insulin needle (intracavernosal test), allows to study, in a dynamic way with a particular ultrasound examination called Eco-colordoppler, the blood supply and the functioning of the organ, giving precious indications for diagnosis and therapy, because Alprostadil can also be used as rehabilitative therapy of the corpora cavernosa.




Dynamic penile ecocolor doppler

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