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Saturday 26 May 2018   Autore: Prof. A. Natali

Topic: Medical therapies in andrology

It is a drug for erection that, in the form of a cream, is applied inside the external urethral meatus

This mass media definition refers to a drug named VITAROS®. The active ingredient is Alprostadil, which is the same as another drug (CAVERJECT®) that can be administered into the penis by microinjection into the corpus cavernosum. Alprostadil in the field of medical treatments of erectile dysfunction, can be used when patients or do not respond appropriately to oral drugs  or can not take them. VITAROS® is a white to ivory white cream supplied in a single dose container (AccuDose). AccuDose is a container consisting of a plunger, a cylinder and a protective cap contained in a single protective bag. Vitaros is applied to the tip of the penis, inside the external urethral meatus and is available iat the dosage of 300 mg of Alprostadil in 100 mg of cream. The erective effect appears 5-30 minutes after administration and its duration is about 1-2 hours. After administration Alprostadil is rapidly absorbed into the spongy body of the urethra and into the corpus cavernosum. Here it is metabolized locally by enzymatic oxidation and its metabolites are eliminated through kidneys, liver and feces. The advantages of VITAROS® are evident compared to the Alprostadil administered by intracavernous injection: it is less invasive, has fewer side effects and significantly increases patient compliance (less pain, less burning and greater satisfaction).




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