What is the andropause?

Friday 11 May 2018   Autore: Prof. A. Natali

Topic: Diagnostics in andrology

It is a massmediological term that would indicate the psychophysical changes to which man can meet around the age of 50

Massmediologically speaking, we often hear about the man from Andropause when, around the age of 50, we can witness some physical changes (weight gain and less resistance to fatigue, erectile dysfunction), and mental (lower concentration and decrease in memory). The term andropause is a "peasantry in terms"; in fact, while the term menopause in women indicates the cessation of menstruation, with consequent sterility and a precise clinical situation linked to the cessation of estrogen production, in the male there is no similar phenomenon, but we can say that from 50 years onwards it can decrease the production of testosterone, hormone important not only in the sexual and reproductive fields, but also for the proper functioning of the brain, for the integrity of the osteo-muscular system and cardio-circulatory system.This clinical situation is known by the Anglo-Saxon authors with the term LOH (Late-Onset Hypogonadism), that is hypogonadism arising in old age. Therefore, if the levels of circulating testosterone fall in the male below the levels of the guard, they must be reintegrated with specific therapies to restore what today, with modern term, defines Wellness, that is to stay healthy.




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