What is circumcision?

Autore: Prof. A. Natali

Topic: Surgical therapies in andrology

It is a surgical procedure with the elimination of the skin covering the glans

The foreskin is the flap of sliding skin that covers the glans. In the presence of a foreskin that prevents the glans from being completely uncovered, we have a phimosis. Phimosis can be of various levels or degrees depending on the severity, generally it is treated with a plastic surgery and reconstruction of the genitals called circumcision. When the foreskin completely blocks the output of the glans thus preventing sexual intercourse is called closed  or complete phimosis, which in the most serious forms can even prevent the release of urine. More often, the phimosis is partial, the glans can only partially escape and there are pains during sexual  intercourse. If you force the output of the glans the foreskin can remain blocked behind the glans itself causing a dangerous venous throttling that requires surgery, in this case we speak of paraphimosis.




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