Can my erectile dysfunction depend on the prostate?

Saturday 31 March 2018   Autore: Prof. A. Natali

Topic: Diagnostics in andrology

There may be a correlation between lower urinary tract disorders and erectile dysfunction

Symptoms of the lower urinary tract (LUTS) and Erectile Dysfunction (ED) are frequently associated conditions, the prevalence of which increases with age, contributing significantly to the deterioration of quality of life. Numerous studies have highlighted the correlation between these two diseases in such a way as to speak of ED/ LUTS syndrome. Numerous studies have shown that Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), in some individuals, begins early from the third decade of life and is closely correlated with advancing age. If the prevalence of BPH is less than 10% in 30-year-old men, this increases in the fifth decade of life to about 40%, reaching its peak in the ninth decade with a prevalence of almost 90%. This slow prostatic growth therefore causes silent alterations in the urogenital tract. The main clinical symptoms of BPH are therefore due to an obstruction caused by an enlarged prostatic urethra and an increase of tone of the smooth muscles inside the prostate. These alterations in the lower urinary tract can cause changes not only at the macroscopic level, but also at the cellular and enzymatic level, altering not only the urinary function, but also the sexual sphere. Therefore the association between urinary disorders of prostatic origin and ED is a clinical reality.



LUTS and erectile dysfunction

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