For some time my spontaneous erections, especially in the morning, have diminished: what does it mean?

Monday 12 February 2018   Autore: Prof. A. Natali

Topic: Sexuality disorders

If early in the morning erections disappear maybe there is a problem

During a physiological sleep of 8 hours, there are the so-called REM sleep phases, characterized by rapid eye movements, during which, in a normal man, there are spontaneous erections that can also be measured with specific equipment such as Rigiscan. This spontaneous erective activity is very important, the phases of sleep immediately before awakening, when we also subjectively subject an erection, are typically REM phases. The disappearance or the substantial decrease of these physiological erections can be a very important alarm bell, not to be underestimated. Because it could indicate that there are a erectile dysfunction and a visit from the Andrologist may be appropriate





Early in the morning erections

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