Are the dimensions of my penis adequate?

Wednesday 31 January 2018   Autore: Prof. A. Natali

Topic: Diagnostics in andrology

Man has always been concerned that the dimensions of his reproductive organ were adequate

Man has always been concerned that the dimensions of his reproductive organ were adequate. The size of the penis obviously depends not only on the breed, but also on genetics and any pathological situations called "true micropenis". There are scientific studies that indicate which measures are to be considered as reference from this point of view. The correct way to measure penis length is at rest and in tension. What does it mean? Resting measurement means that a tailor's meter should be used and in an upright position, in a standard-temperature environment, one end of it should be placed where the penis root and abdomen meet, pushing toward the pubic bone until you feel it under your fingers, if there is subcutaneous fat in this position, the meter must then be positioned dorsally to the penis to its tip and at this level the measurement is read. Measuring a penis in traction, which the studies tell us to correspond to the length attainable at most of its erection, means, however, always with the same meter placed at the root of the penis, but in the supine position, to stretch the organ to the maximum of its extension, taking the glans with one hand and pulling it and reading the measurement that is reached at the tip of the glans itself, with the tape measure always positioned dorsally to the organ. But in addition to the length, the width or circumference of the penis is also important, which must be measured in a standing position in a standard temperature environment, always with the tailor's tape, wrapping the penis at the base and measuring the measurement. From scientific studies carried out in the manner described above, at the University of Florence in 2002, it is noted that in the white population the average length of a penis at rest is 9 cm, that in traction is 12.5 cm, while the average circumference is 9.2 cm



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