I have heard of penile prosthetic implants in the penis: what is it?

Autore: Prof. A. Natali

Topic: Surgical therapies in andrology

It is the surgical solution of the erectile dysfunction problems

When with the aid of medical or physical therapies (vacuum devices), the Erective Dysfunction does not find a solution, it can be definitively resolved with the penile prosthesis implant. So this type of resolution is to be applied when the other therapies somehow have not given satisfactory results. The International Guidelines on Erectile Dysfunction suggest the implantation of a penile prosthesis as a third therapeutic line in the case that the oral  (first therapeutic line) and the intracavernous therapy (second therapeutic line), do not work. This is a surgical procedure that, through a small cut performed at the peno-scrotal angle or at suprapubic level, silicone elastomers are inserted into the cavernous bodies. In the past there were rigid prostheses that were difficult to dissimulate because the penis was in a constant state of erection. Today there are semi-rigid and especially hydraulic prostheses (bi- or three-components),with a pump  inserted at the scrotal level and a small abdominal reservoir, which can be completely concealed in flaccid penis. These prostheses  activated with simple manual mechanisms , provide an erection overlapping the natural one with complete satisfaction of both partners; thus allowing the male to achieve orgasm and ejaculation as if there were a natural erection. The implant of these prostheses can be performed with minimal hospitalization (3-4 days); the only visible sign of the penile prosthetic implant is a small scar (3-4 cm), at the peno-scrotal angle or at the suprapubic level, of which no trace remains with the passage of time.



Scheme of implantation of a hydraulic three-component penile prosthesis


Hydraulic three-component penile prostheses

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